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Welcome to our  School

The Polish School in Bedford is officially registered as  The Polish School in Bedford CIC  and has been operating as an independent unit since the beginning of the 2011/2012 school year.

The school was established to promote Polish culture and language among Poles living in Bedford and the surrounding area.

In addition to activities for children (Polish language, history, contemporary issues, geography and religion), we also offer English language courses for adults.

This activity is to encourage participation in social life and integration with British society, while maintaining respect and understanding of Polish traditions and culture.

The task of our school is to educate a good, educated and responsible young man who will be proud of his Polish origin, culture and tradition, and will be successful in family and professional life.

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High education level

Thanks to systematic in-school control and a reliable system of teacher and student assessment, we maintain a high level of classes.

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Cooperation with parents

We care for good relations with the parents of our students and we are open to all their wishes and suggestions. We enable parents to participate in the life of our school, so that they can cooperate and participate in the education and upbringing of children.

Interesting extra-curricular activities

We provide a rich package of additional activities developing students' interests, inspiring them to be creative and implement their ideas.


Thanks to the intimate atmosphere, we are able to find the unique potential and abilities of each student to provide him with optimal conditions for intellectual and emotional development

Participation in cultural life

Our students participate in many cultural events organized by our school and partner institutions - various competitions, performances, exits.


We listen carefully to our Students and talk to them. This principle creates a climate of trust, kindness and understanding in our school, builds motivation to learn and is a condition for the success of educational work.

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